Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A very special Bath Luve shower gift

I was so moved to get a letter about little Jonathan, a very special little boy who received a Bath Luve with an online baby shower sponsored by Candice Broom at www.mommosttraveled.com. Jonathan's dad sent me a note, excerpted below, to tell the story about how Jonathan came to be a part of their family via adoption. Bath Luve is happy to be just a small part of Jonathan's wonderful story.

Jonny's birth mother was young and not able to care for him, so before he was born, his parents agreed to adopt him. They live overseas and had to work very hard to complete the paperwork in preparation.

About one month before Jonathan's due date, everything was finalized. He was delivered via C-section and then the family found out from a nurse there was "a little problem." They found out it was boy and he was missing half of his arm but was otherwise healthy.

"Our hearts dropped at the unexpected news, we mumbled that we needed to go outside and rushed out into the night. Crying, we held each other and talked about what we were going to do, even though we both already knew the answer. We called our country director and his wife and they came down the hospital to be with us. In those moments we saw all the pain that this poor child was going to experience because of his disability, and all the pain that would fall on us because we loved him. It was overwhelming. But we knew that he was here on this earth, and though we could make him disappear from our lives, he wasn’t going to disappear. We went back upstairs and held our little boy for the first time, and completely fell in love. "

"But we both know that we would do it all again in a heartbeat for our little boy. At first I thought he was a very lucky child, but every day that I spend with him, I realize more and more that I am the lucky one, not him."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Blogger Review from the Past

Lori at the "Teacher turned Mommy" blog did a great review of the Bath Luve back in August:
"Colby hated having a bath... actually Colby hated anything that had to do with having no clothes on (still not crazy about the naked thing). So my Mom bought him a Bath Luve. It is made out of towel material. You just warm it up in the bath water and put it on the baby. It covers him from his shoulders to his private parts, so his core stays warm. He is now a lot happier taking a bath.I would totally get this for someone who was having a baby shower!"

Review from Mama's Money Saver Blog

Cherise at Mama's Money Saver Blog had great things to say about Bath Luve. Here's an excerpt:
"The first bath we used it on Gavin with, he smiled. He definitely knew something was different and he didn’t cry because he was cold. Now as I said Gavin is 8 months, but for a newborn baby this is a must have. I remember him crying and shivering and barely washed him because I wanted to bundle him back in a towel and hold him. As the first mom in my group to have kids, I can’t wait to get all of our friends Bath Luve’s when they start having babies."

Thanks Cherise for a great review! You can check out her blog at mamasmoneysavers.com.