Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warm and Comfy

Mandee from said she found the answer to a happy bath time experience when she tried the Bath Luve.

"Don't you just feel for your baby when you put them into the bathtub and they start to shiver? I have always tried to find ways to keep my little ones from getting too cold while in the tub, especially when they were babies.
We thought the Bath Luve was great! My little guy loved it, and he didn't shiver one time while in the tub! Of course, since he no longer lays in the tub he did play with his Bath Luve a bit, but it was even more fun that way!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bloggers Give Bath Luve a Thumbs Up

Thanks to the following bloggers for sharing their positive experiences with the Bath Luve:

Heather at had this to say, "I think this is a great product! Like I said, I wish I had this when Sydney was born! Since she was my first baby, bath time was especially stressful for me. I know some of you moms out there are thinking a washcloth would do the same thing, and it would, just not as well. The Bath Luve is made to curve around your baby's body to get maximum coverage. It would take 3 or 4 washcloths to get the same coverage...and who wants to try to keep all of those on a baby? "

Miranda at turned from skeptic to fan. "I will admit, when I first saw Bath Luve I was a bit skeptical of the product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, but I questioned how great could the product really be. Now that I have used the Bath Luve with my infant, I have decided that it is the perfect tool for making bath time more enjoyable. My infant can’t sit up on her own, so we hardly use any water for her baths. Normally when I would bathe my baby, I would hurry to wash her so she doesn’t get too cold and start fussing. When we tried Bath Luve, I was able to drape a cover over her and I could take my time in giving her a calm and relaxing bath. She was even able to sit and splash in the bath and I wasn’t worried about her getting cold. Not only did she look adorable in her duck themed cover, she could pull it and chew on it while I was washing her.
As a newborn and all throughout infancy, bath time is not always the favorite activity. In fact as a newborn, my daughter hated baths! She hated the feeling of being cold all over while only sitting in a few inches of water. The Bath Luve creates the perfect solution tho that very problem. The cover will help your infant feeling warm in the bath as well as snuggled and secure."

Cara at says the Bath Luve is not just for babies. "I really think that this is a genius idea! I even used this product on my 2 year old son. He loved it as a cape, over his shoulders and down his back. He thinks that he turns into a little fishy with it on his back, which is so cute!!"

Big Weston Loves Bath Time!

Thanks to Melissa at for her fun review!

When I first saw the Bath Luves, I knew I needed to get one for baby Weston. I hate it when little babies get so upset about baths . . . but they can’t just stink either, so I thought this might be the perfect solution.

Weston is the biggest baby we’ve had and also the stinkiest. I think the one has to do with the other, but whatever the reason, he needs baths more frequently than some babies. He despised the process so much that I resorted to getting into the big bathtub myself and then bathing him in my lap. However, he still fussed when he would get cold. So when the Bath Luve arrived, we thought we would see if it made a difference.
We did not follow the directions but instead laid it across the baby like a blanket, then poured the bath water over the top to keep him warm. (You are supposed to wet it first!) It seemed to work wonders and we refreshed the warm water several times during the process. I love how the little legs cover his shoulders and help the Luve stay in place. And the little face was perfectly positioned so that we could take pictures without flashing his privates everywhere and would have been great when he was a little smaller at keeping him from shooting a stream of urine out all over the room!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bath Time is the Best

"So My little Reesie Pie used to LOVE Bath-time. When I say LOVE I mean LOVE! He was in fact so enthusiastic about his baths that I literally had to wear my raincoat to bath him...I also had to line a good five foot radius in-front of the sink in towels. Great memories- we have some terrific pictures and videos.

BUT...Matt and I have been doing some remodeling...and when we re-painted the kitchen we had to move Reesie's bath time & tub from the kitchen sink to the big bathtub. This is about the time that the bath dream turned into a bath nightmare for us.

Reese started hating bath time to the point were it literally took both my husband and I to bath him... he fought us so hard. We tried taking snacks in the bath (the kid loves to eat), we tried toys, nothing worked. He wanted out before he was even I when I came across a product called Bath Luve and knew I had to look into it.
I have to first I was skeptical....and I wanted to try it more than once or twice (just in case it was a fluke), but I have to say it works. It actually buys us enough time to bath Reese, even wash his hair. He doesn't even freakout. Now bath time is still not the way it was, but it is so much better.
We love it! The Bath Luve makes life easier, is affordable, and is a cool and unique product....and super cute!"

Feeling Warm and Secure

Thanks to Teri Hardy at for this great review:

"When Elliot was younger I had a lot of trouble during bath time. He would just scream and cry every time from the very moment he was placed into the tub. We tried everything: temperature monitors, toys and even smells to try and keep him calm. As he has gotten older things have changed and he is more normal during bathtime. One of the things we found that really made a difference was the Bath Luvē.

I found that by covering baby El' with the Bath Luvē, he felt more secure than being completely naked. It also seemed to help keep his top front from becoming chilled while in the tub. We still even at 5 months use the Bath Luvē at every tub time and will continue to do so.

I also am very fond of being able to toss the Bath Luvē in the wash, right along with my towels and wash cloths. It can also go right into the dryer. This has been through the wash many times and still looks almost as new as the day it was opened. See below a first day picture and one from just three days ago. Can you tell the difference? I actually think it looks fuzzier when it was new."