Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Staying Dry During Bath Time

Rita from Rita Reviews blog is a fan of no longer getting wet during bath time.
"How many times do you give your baby a bath only to have the poor thing shivering by the time you get them out? Enter The Bath Luve!The Bath Luve was created by Amy Seckinger after her stressing experiences at bath time with her own son.  It can be stressing for mom and baby both.  The purpose of the Luve is to keep chills to a minimum so baby isn’t sitting there in the tub shivering.
Photo by Rita Reviews
I was sent a Duck Bath Luve to for our use and review.  It’s really cute and made of a terrycloth type material.  Using the Bath Luve is really simple. You run warm water over the Luve and just lay it over your little one with the feet of the duck over the shoulders.  It covers baby’s chest and belly and goes down just a little further than his belly.  Which, by the way is great for boys because it helps prevent the inevitable action that happens when the air hits certain parts of their little bodies.This is a perfect baby shower gift and would work wonderfully for newborns. We used it with my nephew who is at that stage where he has to sit up in the tub and he hates the baby tub! However as you can see the Bath Luve still works really well and to be honest with you this was the first time I have ever given him a bath that I didn’t end up with one as well (the air and body part thing!) I am the only person he does that to for some reason. He does it and then dies laughing."

No More Tears

Amber Pilcher of Beautifully Bella Faith blog was pleasantly surprised when she tried out the Bath Luve for the first time.
"When my daughter was an itty bitty newborn, I was incredibly worried about bath time. Why? Because newborns and infants can get very cold very easy. This lead to either extremely quick baths or a shivering baby.
I was graciously sent the Bath Luve Duck to review. Even though my daughter is two years old, I found this to come in handy. Before I tried the Bath Luve out, I noticed that she would be shivering towards the end of her bath. No longer will she have to deal with that! A few nights ago, we tried out the Bath Luve. All I had to do was sink it into her warm bath water and place it on her chest. Surprisingly, she let it stay there. I say surprisingly because I honestly thought she would throw it right back in my face.
Not only is the Bath Luve practical; they are undeniably adorable! They come in three different animal designs - duck (which I received and reviewed), fish and frog. I will definitely be purchasing the frog one in the near future for my stepsister who is expecting in May. She's having a little girl, but who says frogs are only for boys?!
With the Bath Luve, your baby will experience no more tears! Well, at least from being cold anyways. It is made out of 100% cotton and is super soft! It even includes a squirt shield for little boys!! 
This would make a great baby shower gift for a new momma-to-be!"



Easy Peesy To Use

Beth Rees from My Second Time Around blog loves the easy way to use the Bath Luve. Here's what she had to say:
"When Tobin was a newborn, he hated baths. I always felt so awful giving him a bath because he always seemed to be so cold. Wouldn't it be great if you could cover your child with something fun and cute that also kept them warm and happy? Well now you can, thanks to Bath Luve!
When Tobin was a newborn, he hated baths. I always felt so awful giving him a bath because he always seemed to be so cold. Wouldn't it be great if you could cover your child with something fun and cute that also kept them warm and happy? Well now you can, thanks to Bath Luve!
I learned about the Bath Luve a little too late for Tobin, but I am so excited that I now get to try one out on Noah. I can definitely see how this would help make bath time much more pleasant. I was thrilled when I was sent the Bath Luve Fish to review.
I thought the fish looked adorable! It is made with 100% cotton and is big enough to cover your baby's chest and private parts. You just dunk the Bath Luve in warm water and cover your baby with it. This keeps their entire body nice and warm and allows for a pleasant bath time experience. They are also machine washable which is a big plus. Since Noah has not arrived yet, I let my sister try it out on her newborn.
Since her son was only a week old when they used it, she couldn't dunk it in water since he still had his umbilical cord stump. They just draped it over him instead while they gave him a sponge bath and that kept him happy.
I can definitely see that this is going to make Noah's bath times a lot easier than Tobin's were. I can't wait to use it! Bath Luve also has a few other great products as well, such as Bath Luve Buddies and towels/washcloths.
I am so excited to use the Bath Luve on Noah and I think the Bath Luve would make a great baby gift. I especially love the price, the Bath Luves are priced at only $6.99! This makes it very affordable and I think any Mom would love to have one of these for their babies. So be sure you check out Bath Luve."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bath Luve Makes 10 Top List!

Kristen from My View From Here blog listed the Bath Luve as one of her Top 10 Baby Items! Here's what she had to say:
"This was an awesome gift from my mom- one of those things that you wouldn’t really think of until you are a mom yourself and are struggling to give your baby a bath. It is essentially a washcloth shaped like an animal that you wet and drape over your baby in the bathtub. It was designed by a mother to make bathtime more enjoyable for the baby since it keeps them warm. Rylan has always loved it, although now he is into playing with it and sucking on it. It is also great to cover up little boys so you don’t get squirted."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun and Affordable

Kaye T. of Girly Girl Giveaways blog loves the whole Bath Luve line.
"I truly cannot imagine the changes, surprises, and traumas that babies go through while adjusting from life inside a nice cozy warm womb to the light, bright, cold, and strange world they experience after they are born. No wonder they cry a lot! =)
Some children really just cannot stand a bath. And it really should not be a surprise, I guess. To be partially submerged and have water poured over you would warm you enough to bring comfort, but then quickly become a really cold experience as the cool air hit your wet body would really be a chilling experience.
One mom recognized this and designed Bath Luve products to help remedy this situation.
Bath Luve is one of those ideas that makes you think, 'now why didn't I think of that?'
Specially shaped to fit around your baby's limbs while covering their torso completely, Bath Luve products come in "duck," "fish," or "frog" versions that are all unisex and would be perfect for your little one or as an awesome shower gift.
And now Bath Luve has expanded their product line to include plush "buddies" to match the original Bath Luve products and great for entertaining baby while they get clean. Towels and washcloths are also available, allowing you to coordinate baby's entire bath time experience. And with products starting at $5.99, it's an affordable AND adorable bath time option!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No More Accidents

Katie Sexton of Mommy Katie blog loves the way the Bath Luve protects from baby boy mistakes.
"Bath time should be a fun time for both babies and parents, but as well all know that is not always the case. When you have a infant, and you are bathing them, you tend to feel horrible bathing them when they are shivering and crying. When your baby isn't enjoying their bath you just want to hurry and get it over with. Then if you have a baby boy, those little guys can get you. I have been sprayed by little man many times when he was a baby. It seems all it takes is a little breeze to make them shoot you with pee. I would just place a wash cloth on him so I would not get sprayed while bathing him. But the thing I still had issues with, was him shivering. So instead of letting him soak I would hurry so I could bundle him up and get him dressed. That is no fun and we all know that little ones love to splash and play in the water. So what can you do about it? You can't make the water too hot because your baby's skin is so sensitive and soft.
Well I have a solution to cold wet baby syndrome! It's called the Bath Luve. This awesome bath time accessory is perfect for bathing babies. You put it on your little one before a bath then you bathe your baby with the Bath Luve on. Not only is this little bath time accessory just so cute, but your little one won't sit in the bath shivering the whole time. Oh and those of you with little boys, no more pee in the face! Just soak the Bath Luve in warm water before the bath and put it on your baby, then you are ready for a less stressful bath time that you and your baby can both enjoy!

From Bath Time to Meal Time

Tori Theriot of Learning to be Thrifty found several ways to use the Bath Luve.
"Baby bug is older now and we did not use the Bath Luve in the traditional cover the tiny baby up during bath time way. She enjoyed playing with it in the tub and wore it around as a cape, the little feet are perfect for cape wearing. I love the size of the bath luve. It was perfect for baby bug to play with and covered all of her back up. I can see how it would be a great cover up to keep a young baby comfortable during bath time. Those sweet little ones can get cold so fast this is an easy solution! When baby number two comes around this will be a must have during those first bath times. It is also a great size to hang up on a towel rack between baths to air dry.
One other off the wall use I found for this cute little duck is as a bib!! Pin those feet and create a bib that is perfect for a messy toddler during meal time."

Warm Bath Time in Wisconsin

Darcy Zalewski of Tales From the Nursery blog was happy when a fellow Wisconsin mom came up with the Bath Luve.

"Bath time. In the newborn days it was not very fun at all because Rissa would get cold fast. It didn’t matter how warm the water was it cooled off quick and most of her body was exposed to the air. And in Wisconsin, baths and showers aren’t too fun in the winter even if you have the heat on! I’d do my best to splash warm water over her but she didn’t like that much at first either. Now she has fun playing in the tub, but it took a few months before that happened.

A fellow Wisconsin mama developed a solution to the cold, exposed baby in the tub: Bath Luve!

There are 3 cute designs: Fish, Frog, and Duck. We received a pink fish to review. The Bath Luve is easy to use. I ran the bath water, put it in the water to get it wet with the warm water. Then, after getting Rissa down to her birthday suit, I set her in the bath and draped the Bath Luve over her. She kept taking it off to play with it and chew on it. It made for a fun large washcloth for her!

Final thoughts: I think this is a great bath time accessory for newborn babies. Older babies like my daughter don’t lay back far enough anymore to keep the Bath Luve on very well. If it had a back panel, that would be awesome for the sitters! She still had fun playing with it and it helped keep her feeling more cozy in the tub. I think this is a great baby shower gift idea too."

Bath Luve for Baby and Toddler

Tiffany Crooker, owner of Free Samples n' Coupons loves the Bath Luve for baby and toddler. Here's what she had to say:

"Ever wondered why babies hate when they are submerged into bath water and go screaming bloody murder cause its cold and they don’t like it. My boys hated the baths as babies because of the cold water. I always had to use a rag or towel to cover their front end just to keep them happy. Well finally someone over at Bath Luve came up with a brilliant idea! Use one of the 3 over the top decorative animals to cover the front end of your baby. I used it on my son whom still hates water and it worked like a charm. It covers the whole front end top to bottom. It’s quite an awesome idea, plus the colors keep them busy to look at and forget they are even in the water. It also makes for a great rag when they are older. I used it as a rag on my 3 year old with special needs, and he hates baths, I used as a rag to wash and to place on his back and he loved it! Such a great product! I love it. I know your baby will to. Also makes great for a baby shower or someone having a baby sometime soon! The company ships fast and they are very nice to!"

One Happy Customer

Christina Powell of Christina's Voice had this to say about the Bath Luve.

"I received the Bath Luve fish, which matches my 2 month old son's baby blue eyes. At bath time my son absolutely hates to be cold and wet. We would end up just giving him a huge rub down with some water, a rag and soap because he threw this huge fit while being in the bath tube, and with him being so tiny its hard to hold onto him. With this 100% cotton and cuddle product it makes bath time less stressful and much easier. Now that I have tried the Bath Luve I have ordered the washcloths and towels too."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bath Luves For All!

Jessica Allen of "And Then There Were 4" blog plans to have one of each kind of Bath Luve just to keep the peace at home. Here's what she had to say in her review:

"Bath time was always a challenge when my boys were younger. They loved it if they were constantly warm but as mothers know, that's pretty much impossible! That is exactly what the Bath Luve was designed to remedy! If you have never heard of the Bath Luve brand, you sure are missing out!
I received a Bath Luve as a gift when Eli was younger and then I passed it along to a friend's baby! We went from screaming at bath time to loving it! It was as fast and easy as getting the Bath Luve!
They are a thick terry plush material that absorbs water quick and holds it for a long time! I only have to dunk it back into the warm water maybe once during a bath. It remains warm for several minutes, making bath times easier on both you and your little one!
A Bath Luve is the perfect gift for a baby of any age, especially a newborn! I didn't think I would still need our first Bath Luve when the boys got bigger so I gave it away. But I am so very excited to have received one of the duck designs for the review! Since we got it in the mail, the boys have been fighting over it in the bath! :)
There are three adorable designs! We've had the fish and now the duck. I think I'm going to have to get the frog so the boys quit fighting over the duck during baths! Aren't they so cute?!
I definitely recommend every parent buy at least one of these! Two would be better so that you always have one clean for bath time. The Bath Luve products would make wonderful baby shower gifts!"

Baby Grows With Bath Luve

Robyn Ford of says her daughter loves her new Bath Luve and thinks a basket of Bath Luve items is the perfect gift!
"I used the Bath Luve on my 9-month-old daughter and it worked like a charm. She is not a fan of bath time and to be honest I am not either but now it’s so nice…she stays warm and cozy and I get to enjoy giving her a bath. She loves the colors, we have the fish and she loves to play with the fin of the fish (she’s really into textures and I think the soft terry cloth is a big hit). The great thing about this is once your child gets older, you can use it as a washcloth so its very versatile (I love dual purpose items).
If you know someone having a baby, this is a must item and what a nice gift. I am all about themed gifts especially for baby showers, you can get a Bath Luve, Bath Luve buddy, Towel and Washcloth set put it in a basket and you have a wonderful gift that will be cherished and used for years to come!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Even Though It's Summer, Babies Still Get Cold

Corie Howell of Survey Junkie is happy to get rid of her baby washcloths in exchange for a Bath Luve.

"Baby bathes warm and secure. No more chills, no more tears. Designed by a mother who knows how stressful bath time can be, Bath Luvé makes an enjoyable experience for both you and baby!

Created by a mom for moms everywhere, the Bath Luve torso towel is a uniquely designed cloth that provides your baby with warm comfort during bath time. Submerge the Bath Luve in warm water and drape over your baby. The Bath Luve’s natural design completely covers your baby’s torso and stays put to keep him or her feeling warm and secure. The premium soft touch fabrics snuggle your baby and are so gentle on a newborn’s skin. This set is the perfect shower gift for new parents.

One of the things that I was briefed on before leaving the hospital with my daughter when she was born was bath time safety. I was told that since babies can’t regulate their temperature that a warm washcloth is supposed to be kept over their bodies during baths. Sounded easy enough and I knew that I had been given washcloths at my baby shower, so I just checked that box off of the things I had to worry about. When we got home and were ready to give my daughter her first bath, I was stunned by just how small the washcloths were! They didn’t cover her body and I was scrambling to find more and keep them all on her body. It was totally stressful for me, and I felt horrible for the baby because I knew those small, thin cloths couldn’t have kept her warm.

Amy Seckinger must have run into my same problem, because she created Bath Luve, a larger and improved version of the washcloth. The Bath Luve not only goes over the baby’s body, but also over their shoulders and tops of the legs. I was able to try one out and I love it. The cloth is in the shape of an animal, which engages and entertains the baby, and it’s nice and thick so it retains it’s warmth for much longer than other washcloths I’ve tried. My daughter is no longer a newborn, but I still use it in the “big girl bath” to drape over her shoulders and down her back. The Bath Luve is such a great idea and really helped turn bath time from a stress to a time to really enjoy and bond with Baby."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skeptic Discovers Joy of Bath Luve

Miranda Haymore at was a bit skeptical about how well the Bath Luve would work. Did she change her mind? Read her review below and find out:

"I will admit, when I first saw Bath Luve I was a bit skeptical of the product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, but I questioned how great could the product really be. Now that I have used the Bath Luve with my infant, I have decided that it is the perfect tool for making bath time more enjoyable.

My infant can’t sit up on her own, so we hardly use any water for her baths. Normally when I would bathe my baby, I would hurry to wash her so she doesn’t get too cold and start fussing. When we tried Bath Luve, I was able to drape a cover over her and I could take my time in giving her a calm and relaxing bath. She was even able to sit and splash in the bath and I wasn’t worried about her getting cold. Not only did she look adorable in her duck themed cover, she could pull it and chew on it while I was washing her.

The cover will help your infant feeling warm in the bath as well as snuggled and secure."

No More Baby Goose Bumps!

Gina Maddox at was thrilled to find how the Bath Luve kept her baby Angelo warm. Read her review below:
Have you ever had your little one wrapped up, all warm and cuddly, in a blanket, swaddler, or sweater, only to realize that they reeeeeeaaaally need a bath? The thing I dread about bath-time is not giving the actual bath; most of the time it is fun to see how my son loves to splash his little arms and legs in the tub, and see him get all wet and squirmy. :) What I dread about bath-time is that I know my son is going to be freezing while he is sitting in the tub. Babies, after all, sit in very shallow water to bathe, so their upper bodies are damp and exposed. I feel so bad if he gets goosebumps and is cold while he is having so much fun in the water! This is most difficult in the winter, but my poor little guy still gets chilly even though the temperatures are warming up.
For this reason, Amy Seckinger, creator of Bathe Luve, came up with this incredibly smart idea. Why not keep baby’s exposed skin nice and warm so there isn’t such a drastic temperature change between before bath-time and during?! The shape of the Bath Luve product contours naturally over your child. Just submerge in water first, and lay gently over their torso. Your baby will feel warmer and more secure with this product, I promise! My son is now able to stay in the tub a little longer to play, he loves the water, after all, and I can feel better knowing that he is not too cold. We were sent the adorable frog for review, and it works like a charm.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Size

Melissa from had this to say about the Bath Luve:
"My older kids all LOVE to take baths. They love to fill the bathtub with lots of toys and can spend so much time playing in the water. I am so grateful for this because it really makes getting them clean easier when they enjoy doing it.
When they were all babies, it was a different story. It seems like with every one of my kids, when they were babies, giving them baths was such a miserable experience that they would cry through. We would try to put the baby wash cloths on them to keep them warmer, but baby wash clothes are way too small that they don't do much!
I was very excited when I found out about bath luve animals. They are the perfect size to keep baby warm during the bath and the different animals are so adorable! I love their motto of "No more chills, no more tears. Designed by a mother who knows how stressful bath time can me, Bath Luve makes an enjoyable experience for both you and baby!"

Twice as Nice

Carol from had this to say about the Bath Luve:
"The Bath Luve is designed with your baby's comfort in mind. When Dylan and Riley were little tiny babies (not the *gasp* toddlers they are today!), their bath time was a special bonding time, but I worried about that cold air on their tummies. I also had been, um, peed on more than once by my sweet little son while he was in the tub! I know that you parents of boys understand that!
Bath Luve would have been GREAT for my twins when they were little because they would have been covered (including privates) with the warm and fun cloth. I tried to cover them with a washcloth, but they were too small and also too thin - they would cool quickly, so they didn't serve the purpose.
Now that my babies are older I can still use the Bath Luve! I can drape it over their front or back while they play in the tub! I can also put the Bath Luve on the bottom of the tub for a bit more stability!
Bath Luve is going to be my go-to shower gift now too - what mom (or dad!) wouldn't love to get this handy adorable and useful product!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warm and Comfy

Mandee from said she found the answer to a happy bath time experience when she tried the Bath Luve.

"Don't you just feel for your baby when you put them into the bathtub and they start to shiver? I have always tried to find ways to keep my little ones from getting too cold while in the tub, especially when they were babies.
We thought the Bath Luve was great! My little guy loved it, and he didn't shiver one time while in the tub! Of course, since he no longer lays in the tub he did play with his Bath Luve a bit, but it was even more fun that way!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bloggers Give Bath Luve a Thumbs Up

Thanks to the following bloggers for sharing their positive experiences with the Bath Luve:

Heather at had this to say, "I think this is a great product! Like I said, I wish I had this when Sydney was born! Since she was my first baby, bath time was especially stressful for me. I know some of you moms out there are thinking a washcloth would do the same thing, and it would, just not as well. The Bath Luve is made to curve around your baby's body to get maximum coverage. It would take 3 or 4 washcloths to get the same coverage...and who wants to try to keep all of those on a baby? "

Miranda at turned from skeptic to fan. "I will admit, when I first saw Bath Luve I was a bit skeptical of the product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, but I questioned how great could the product really be. Now that I have used the Bath Luve with my infant, I have decided that it is the perfect tool for making bath time more enjoyable. My infant can’t sit up on her own, so we hardly use any water for her baths. Normally when I would bathe my baby, I would hurry to wash her so she doesn’t get too cold and start fussing. When we tried Bath Luve, I was able to drape a cover over her and I could take my time in giving her a calm and relaxing bath. She was even able to sit and splash in the bath and I wasn’t worried about her getting cold. Not only did she look adorable in her duck themed cover, she could pull it and chew on it while I was washing her.
As a newborn and all throughout infancy, bath time is not always the favorite activity. In fact as a newborn, my daughter hated baths! She hated the feeling of being cold all over while only sitting in a few inches of water. The Bath Luve creates the perfect solution tho that very problem. The cover will help your infant feeling warm in the bath as well as snuggled and secure."

Cara at says the Bath Luve is not just for babies. "I really think that this is a genius idea! I even used this product on my 2 year old son. He loved it as a cape, over his shoulders and down his back. He thinks that he turns into a little fishy with it on his back, which is so cute!!"

Big Weston Loves Bath Time!

Thanks to Melissa at for her fun review!

When I first saw the Bath Luves, I knew I needed to get one for baby Weston. I hate it when little babies get so upset about baths . . . but they can’t just stink either, so I thought this might be the perfect solution.

Weston is the biggest baby we’ve had and also the stinkiest. I think the one has to do with the other, but whatever the reason, he needs baths more frequently than some babies. He despised the process so much that I resorted to getting into the big bathtub myself and then bathing him in my lap. However, he still fussed when he would get cold. So when the Bath Luve arrived, we thought we would see if it made a difference.
We did not follow the directions but instead laid it across the baby like a blanket, then poured the bath water over the top to keep him warm. (You are supposed to wet it first!) It seemed to work wonders and we refreshed the warm water several times during the process. I love how the little legs cover his shoulders and help the Luve stay in place. And the little face was perfectly positioned so that we could take pictures without flashing his privates everywhere and would have been great when he was a little smaller at keeping him from shooting a stream of urine out all over the room!