Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No More Accidents

Katie Sexton of Mommy Katie blog loves the way the Bath Luve protects from baby boy mistakes.
"Bath time should be a fun time for both babies and parents, but as well all know that is not always the case. When you have a infant, and you are bathing them, you tend to feel horrible bathing them when they are shivering and crying. When your baby isn't enjoying their bath you just want to hurry and get it over with. Then if you have a baby boy, those little guys can get you. I have been sprayed by little man many times when he was a baby. It seems all it takes is a little breeze to make them shoot you with pee. I would just place a wash cloth on him so I would not get sprayed while bathing him. But the thing I still had issues with, was him shivering. So instead of letting him soak I would hurry so I could bundle him up and get him dressed. That is no fun and we all know that little ones love to splash and play in the water. So what can you do about it? You can't make the water too hot because your baby's skin is so sensitive and soft.
Well I have a solution to cold wet baby syndrome! It's called the Bath Luve. This awesome bath time accessory is perfect for bathing babies. You put it on your little one before a bath then you bathe your baby with the Bath Luve on. Not only is this little bath time accessory just so cute, but your little one won't sit in the bath shivering the whole time. Oh and those of you with little boys, no more pee in the face! Just soak the Bath Luve in warm water before the bath and put it on your baby, then you are ready for a less stressful bath time that you and your baby can both enjoy!

From Bath Time to Meal Time

Tori Theriot of Learning to be Thrifty found several ways to use the Bath Luve.
"Baby bug is older now and we did not use the Bath Luve in the traditional cover the tiny baby up during bath time way. She enjoyed playing with it in the tub and wore it around as a cape, the little feet are perfect for cape wearing. I love the size of the bath luve. It was perfect for baby bug to play with and covered all of her back up. I can see how it would be a great cover up to keep a young baby comfortable during bath time. Those sweet little ones can get cold so fast this is an easy solution! When baby number two comes around this will be a must have during those first bath times. It is also a great size to hang up on a towel rack between baths to air dry.
One other off the wall use I found for this cute little duck is as a bib!! Pin those feet and create a bib that is perfect for a messy toddler during meal time."

Warm Bath Time in Wisconsin

Darcy Zalewski of Tales From the Nursery blog was happy when a fellow Wisconsin mom came up with the Bath Luve.

"Bath time. In the newborn days it was not very fun at all because Rissa would get cold fast. It didn’t matter how warm the water was it cooled off quick and most of her body was exposed to the air. And in Wisconsin, baths and showers aren’t too fun in the winter even if you have the heat on! I’d do my best to splash warm water over her but she didn’t like that much at first either. Now she has fun playing in the tub, but it took a few months before that happened.

A fellow Wisconsin mama developed a solution to the cold, exposed baby in the tub: Bath Luve!

There are 3 cute designs: Fish, Frog, and Duck. We received a pink fish to review. The Bath Luve is easy to use. I ran the bath water, put it in the water to get it wet with the warm water. Then, after getting Rissa down to her birthday suit, I set her in the bath and draped the Bath Luve over her. She kept taking it off to play with it and chew on it. It made for a fun large washcloth for her!

Final thoughts: I think this is a great bath time accessory for newborn babies. Older babies like my daughter don’t lay back far enough anymore to keep the Bath Luve on very well. If it had a back panel, that would be awesome for the sitters! She still had fun playing with it and it helped keep her feeling more cozy in the tub. I think this is a great baby shower gift idea too."

Bath Luve for Baby and Toddler

Tiffany Crooker, owner of Free Samples n' Coupons loves the Bath Luve for baby and toddler. Here's what she had to say:

"Ever wondered why babies hate when they are submerged into bath water and go screaming bloody murder cause its cold and they don’t like it. My boys hated the baths as babies because of the cold water. I always had to use a rag or towel to cover their front end just to keep them happy. Well finally someone over at Bath Luve came up with a brilliant idea! Use one of the 3 over the top decorative animals to cover the front end of your baby. I used it on my son whom still hates water and it worked like a charm. It covers the whole front end top to bottom. It’s quite an awesome idea, plus the colors keep them busy to look at and forget they are even in the water. It also makes for a great rag when they are older. I used it as a rag on my 3 year old with special needs, and he hates baths, I used as a rag to wash and to place on his back and he loved it! Such a great product! I love it. I know your baby will to. Also makes great for a baby shower or someone having a baby sometime soon! The company ships fast and they are very nice to!"

One Happy Customer

Christina Powell of Christina's Voice had this to say about the Bath Luve.

"I received the Bath Luve fish, which matches my 2 month old son's baby blue eyes. At bath time my son absolutely hates to be cold and wet. We would end up just giving him a huge rub down with some water, a rag and soap because he threw this huge fit while being in the bath tube, and with him being so tiny its hard to hold onto him. With this 100% cotton and cuddle product it makes bath time less stressful and much easier. Now that I have tried the Bath Luve I have ordered the washcloths and towels too."