Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Win a free Bath Luve!

Danielle, who blogs at gettingkindacrunchy.com is offering a free Bath Luve in a giveaway which ends on Aug. 3. While Danielle's kids are older now, she writes about how she wishes she would have had a Bath Luve when they were infants.

"No more cold and miserable babies screaming at you while you clean them as fast as you can. Everyone had always told me a bedtime bath routine would save my life and I always laughed at them. Now, I feel like bath time with my next baby will be amazing. I tried this on Violet and she loved it! She likes draping it over her shoulders like a cape while screaming "QUACK". As you can tell, we were sent the ducky Bath Luve! Honestly this idea is so simple, yet so genius and I feel like every Mom should have one of these! They work much better than a little washcloth that floats right off of them!"