Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing Baby to the Big Tub

That first bath is a big step, and another big transition is when baby starts sitting up in the big tub. Bath Luve offers the same comfort and warmth for sitting babies as well -- making sure bath time remains a warm, fun part of the day. A big thank you to Nikki for sharing these photos of her son with the Bath Luve looking as cute as can be. Nikki shared these comments on her blog at dustinnikki.blogspot.com:

"He is older now so bath time has become a little easier. He still doesn't like it at first and when we used our Bath Luve, he warmed up to it much better than before. He wasn't shivering and was splashing in the water in no time. It was honestly a big difference from the last time he got a bath. I was glad that it made things easier because we also had to stop using his infant tub because he is too big for it and we had to put him in our tub."

She also has some great advice for using the Bath Luve with seated babies:

"Even though he is sitting in the tub, the Bath Luve still stayed in place really well. I have said it before, we love it. It really does make bath time easier and our little guy can relax a little. We can place the Luve on his front if we are washing his back and when we wash him in the front, we can simply move it to his back. He stays pretty warm this way! I believe that bath time should be as stress free as possible from the first time baby gets a bath. In my opinion, the Bath Luve reduces stress for babies and parents both!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby's First Bath

New mom, Nancy, is chronicling the first year's of her baby boy's life at thekellynewlyweds.blogspot.com. I came across these precious photos of Luke's first bath, and Nancy kindly gave me permission to share them with you!

Here's what Nancy wrote:

"We found this treasure at Babies R Us when we were registering. It is a Bath Luve Frog, a specially shaped wash cloth to dip in warm water and cover baby to keep him warm when he's in the bath. We were lucky to get this item as a gift. It really works, and Luke is not at all cold in his bath!"