Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect pairings for your Bath Luve

Special giveaway for Bath Luve towel orders.
The Bath Luve towels help keep baby warm and cozy once they leave the water and their Bath Luve. If you order a Bath Luve towel before June 1, I'll send you a matching washcloth for free. Visit my store at http://www.bathluve.com/. While supplies last!

Towels and washcloths come in white supersoft terry with green, pink or blue gingham trim. Towels are 30"x30"; washcloths are 10"x10" - all are 100 percent cotton. A cute coordinating hanger is also included with each towel.

Don't forget -- the Bath Luve Buddy is now available. Simply squeeze bath water over the Bath Luve to renew the warmth. Also great for washing baby or for a bath toy as baby grows.

Another Bath Luve review!

Thanks to Jennifer at jleighdesignz.blogspot.com for an awesome review of Bath Luve. She's also offering a giveaway for a Bath Luve which closes on June 8 - visit her blog to check it out. I loved that Jennifer mentioned our new shipping costs (we now have flat fee shipping for orders less than $50), and she also talked about Bath Luve's affordability, stating "with a price like that, you can afford to get all three." Having more than one Bath Luve is a definite advantage because when one's in the wash, another is always handy!

Thanks Jennifer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm an Auntie again!

Cooper is the latest addition to our growing extended family. I'm thrilled he loves his Bath Luve & his auntie too. Here are some great pictures of my adorable nephew!

Bloggers that love the Bath Luve!

It's been a great week for Bath Luve reviews -- thanks to all the bloggers for their great comments and photos. Here's a few excerpts and some adorable photos of happy babies enjoying their baths with their Bath Luves.

Sarah, thriftyminnesotamama.blogspot.com, wrote "As a Registered Nurse who worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit I have to say this would be a must have for parents of preemies. Premature infants typically have a difficult time maintaining their temperature and this can make bath time a very miserable experience. By using the Bath Luve you are helping create a more 'womb like' experience for your baby, thus making bath time enjoyable."

Jessica, macmomof3.blogspot.com, wrote "I really wish I knew about this product so much sooner. It would have made those first time baths a little easier." (Just a note -- Bath Luve makes a perfect baby shower gift so first time baths can be soothing and less stressful for everyone!) Camilo's photos are featured on the right wearing the duck Bath Luve.

Lynette, mymomsview.com, wrote (after using the Bath Luve for 8-month-old Genevieve) "I would love it if Bath Luve made these for adults, maybe not in the same patterns, but something to keep me covered and warm."

Joelle, acesmommy.blogspot.com, wrote "Aiden and I have never really had a struggle in the bath department. For the most part he has always been relatively content, but always cold at some point. I felt bad for the little guy because he was so tough and didn't know any better that being cold wasn't an acceptable fun bathtime experience. As he's aged he's started to show a more opinionated reaction to the chill that befalls him every bath time. I was delighted that such a product as Bath Luve existed because what a perfect and fun for Aiden to be able to stay warm." (Aiden's photos are on the left with (and without) the Fish Bath Luve. I love the first one without the Bath Luve -- it really tells the story of "before" Bath Luve bathing.)
Make sure to visit these great mombloggers & enjoy every single bathtime!