Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This made my day!

Jenna, who blogs at www.momsbalancingact.com, wrote a wonderful review of the Bath Luve, but my favorite part of her review are the pictures of her son Kaden - before and after the Bath Luve. Just seeing his sad face turn into a contented one was so wonderful!
Here's some of what Jenna had to say:

"We then placed the Bath
Luve on him and immediately noticed a difference. He was not upset and actually seemed to be enjoying bath time. It was amazing! The great thing was that the Bath Luve was plenty big and will allow for many more uses as Kaden continues to grow."

"Along with our Bath Luve we also received a Bath Luve Buddy. It was a great help in keeping the Bath Luve wet without having to take it off of Kaden. Not only can it easily be used to squeeze warm water onto the Bath Luve, but also as a wash cloth and even a soft toy once your baby is a bit older."

"After having had the chance to use the Bath Luve with Kaden, I don't know how we ever gave Kaelyn baths without it. It would make the perfect gift for any new parent or expecting parent this holiday season."

Of course, a picture does say a thousand words!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blogger's newborn has great first bath with his Bath Luve

BethAnne Hunter, who blogs at happilydomestic.blogspot.com, had great things to say about the Bath Luve and her experience with her newborn son, "J."

"The day after I brought baby "J" home from the hospital I gave him his first bath. I got everything prepared and had his Bath Luve frog soaking in the warm bath water waiting to be used. I quickly undressed my newborn son and got him in his tub sling. He flinched for about 2 seconds, but as soon as the warm Bath Luve frog was draped on his body he calmed right down. Not a tear was shed and bath time was a pleasant experience."

"I have given my baby several baths since that first one and each time he has been able to stay nice and warm and bath time has been stress free. I recommend this product for every parent with a new baby."

Thanks BethAnne and congrats on your new little one!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hooray for pink!

MaryEllen, who blogs at http://www.thedealscoop.com/, is one of first bloggers to review the Pink Fish Bath Luve. She's actually using it to bathe her daughter on the counter because the sweet little girl is still so tiny. Here's what MaryEllen had to say:

"Once I was able to use the Bath Luve on her, she was much calmer during her bath because she was actually able to stay warm! The Bath Luve is made from light-weight terrycloth so that you can wet it with warm water and then cover your baby with it to keep her warm without it being too heavy. Although the Bath Luve was intended to be used when the baby is actually in the water, it actually served its purpose just as much (if not more) when my daughter was out of the water since she was still cold. The shape of the Bath Luve is perfect since it keeps the baby's entire core covered, yet is easy to lift up when you need to wash her."

Thanks Mary Ellen! Hope you and your little girl have many fun bath times with the Bath Luve!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Blog Review!

A big thank you to Carrie, who blogs at over30mommy.blogspot.com for her review of the Bath Luve. She wrote, after using the Bath Luve for her daughter:

"Amy from Bath Luve was generous enough to send me the Duck Bath Luve and coordinating Bath Buddy for Wiggle Bean to try out. Being that the Bath Luve was originally designed for babies, I thought that it might be a little small for Wiggle Bean since she is 9 months old. This was not a
problem at all, the Duck Luve is a generous 14"x10". Bean is more active in the bath now and does not lay down to where we could cover her chest with the Bath Luve. I could barely get her to sit still enough to take a picture of her in the Luve. Wiggle Bean liked wearing her Luve as cape. This worked well to keep her back warm while she was playing in the tub and she loved playing with the Bath Buddy."

Visit Carrie's blog to enter to win a Bath Luve and Bath Luve Buddy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exceptional Parent magazine features Bath Luve as a benefit for special needs babies

I'm so excited that the Bath Luve article in this month's issue of Exceptional Parent. The magazine is targeted for the special needs community, and I've heard from so many special needs' parents that the Bath Luve has been a true blessing to their families. It's just one simple thing that can bring comfort and reduce stress for these special kids and their parents.

The article states "Preemies and children with special needs, who are often more sensitive to temperature changes, will especially benefit from the soothing comfort."

Thanks to the editors at Exceptional Parent for helping spread the news about Bath Luve and the benefits for preemies and special needs babies! Visit their web site at http://www.eparent.com/.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another blog review!

Thanks to Hailey at http://www.cutelikemegiveaways.blogspot.com/ for her great review of the Bath Luve who asked her sister-in-law to do a hands-on test of the Bath Luve's results.

"I was able to pass it along to my sister in law for review to use on her most recent addition (ah sweet baby Zachary) - and she LOVES it (and I love that because it's my sister in law using it - I'll get it back! lol). Not only did she agree that it was completely adorable, but she was THRILLED with how well it kept Zach warm during his bath. Still able to play and splash around, without the shivering and crying from being so cold. Perfect!"

Visit the blog to register for a Bath Luve giveaway as well!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the Newest Bath Luve - Pink Fish!

We've been working on adding a pink Bath Luve for quite some time, and finally she's here! I have my first supply in stock for orders and am working on getting the Bath Luve Pink Fish added to the web store. A special for my blog and twitter followers -- order a Bath Luve Blue Fish online and add the word "pink" in the memo, and I'll send you the Pink Fish!

Here's an adorable picture of little Margaux with her new Bath Luve! She's all smiles, as you can see, and happy in her bath. Her big sister is featured in many Bath Luve photos, and Margaux is following in big sister's footsteps! Thanks to the Brown family for send this photo of Margaux -- pretty in pink!

Babies R Us also already has the Bath Luve Pink Fish in stock.

Don't forget the Bath Luve Buddy for the Pink Fish too!

What Bath Luve characters and colors would you like to see!! Let me know!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bath Luve is a Hit in Hawaii

Kailani, a blogger from Hawaii, just posted a great review about Bath Luve at her blog at islandlife808.com. Kailani writes about the concerns many parents have about bathing baby:

"For me, giving baby a bath has always been a stressful time for me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m always worried that she’s too cold, too hot, too slippery, too uncomfortable. I guess I can’t blame a baby for not wanting to leave their warm swaddle and be suddenly sitting in water. So I’m always looking for a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for everyone. Introducing Bath Luve."

She had a great experience using Bath Luve and is also doing a giveaway through Sept. 15. Her review got me thinking about another Hawaiian baby I received pictures of about a year ago - a 9-month-old cutie enjoying the Bath Luve and Bath Luve Buddy.
With all of this great feedback, don't you think I should take a trip to the islands myself????

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doubter Becomes a Believer!

A blogger and blog-follower in Seattle, Carrie, posted a great review recently - especially fun because she didn't initially see the benefit to the Bath Luve. With the help of her cute daughter Vivian, she's now a believer! Check out Carrie's blog too at growingababyinseattlereviews.blogspot.com.

"I have seen the Bath Luve advertised on a number of blog giveaways, but always thought it was a silly, unnecessary baby item. And then I won one over at this blog (veaterfam.blogspot.com). Tonight I finally put the product to the test, during Vivian's first real bath! We've been doing a sort of modified sponge bath/dunking in a small tub for her, since we didn't buy an infant bathtub. Today I decided to put my newly purchased toddler tub and Bath Luve to the test.I got the bathtub full of warm water and wetted the Bath Luve and then put Vivian in the tub... and it was instant happiness. SERIOUS happiness. She actually laughed for the first time!!! I tried to tape her laughing, but she tends to stare at the video camera instead of behaving, so it didn't work. But I did get some photos of her happiness."

"I think this is a great product- babies love being warm and in the water, and this helps them enjoy their time in the bath even more. The bath luve comes in a cute frog, duck or fish design. Go check out their site! "

First laughter & Bath Luve - what could be better!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A word from our "spokesmodel"

"Our family loves, loves, loves the 'Bath Luve!' We received ours as a gift from Amy after our first daughter Marin was used as a model for the 'Bath Luve.' Although she was out of the teeny newborn stage, it was still a necessity for her during bath time. Not only would we place it over her belly but she also enjoyed having it draped it over her shoulders & back. It was a great way to keep her warm & entertained. She often played with the 'Luve’ using it as a bath toy."

"Once our second daughter Margaux arrived, I couldn't wait to introduce her to the 'Luve.' Just as expected, it made her bath experience more enjoyable & comfortable. Bath time quickly became her favorite time of the day. She kicks & smiles like crazy when she hears the word & I attribute that to the 'Bath Luve.' The best part is she can now stay in the tub longer & have more play time with her big sister because she has the 'Bath Luve' to keep her warm!" - Sara (mother of Marin and Margaux).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogger Mommy gives Two Thumbs Up

Jennifer, one of the blogger mommies at bloggermommies.blogspot.com, gave Bath Luve a try with her little one and had great things to say!

"I absolutely love this product! Before using the 'Bath Luve', I seriously dreaded bath time. I felt like I was getting ready to torture my baby. She would scream, shiver and her little chin would quiver, it was awful. It was always a race to get the bath over with, and that would sometimes mean that she would be left with a soapy residue so I would end up wrapping her in a towel and finishing with a sponge bath."
"But now, "B" loves her bath time. She is more comfortable and no longer cries. Bath time actually lasts way longer now because she stays warm. I really like how the 'Bath Luve' leaves her arms and legs free for splashing and playing, which is a pleasant change from before. You can see from this picture how happy she is in her bath."

Auntie Blogger helps Mr. Fussy

Thank you to Robin, who blogs at http://www.lolidots.com/. She received a Bath Luve and shared it with her nephew, featured below.

"When I got one of these Luves to try out I immediately took it over to see my brand-new nephew! My sister-in-law had been dealing with a Mr. Fussy at bathtime so she was totally on board to try something new. As usual, he was fussy when taking off his clothes and laying down in the tub. Once she put the frog on him he stopped fussing! He loved it! He was calm and relaxed for the entire bath! How cute is he!?!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogger officially has a new favorite bath product!

A big Bath Luve thank you to Ashley for her great review at veaterfam.blogspot.com. She's giving away a free Bath Luve too, so visit her blog to register! Here are some of the highlights of her review:

"Everyone hates it when small babies get cold in the bathtub. They don't feel warm or comforted or secure, and they usually start screaming! That happened the first couple of times we bathed Natalie. We started draping wet washcloths over her chest and tummy, which did help, but they didn't provide enough coverage and she usually still got cold. Bath's only lasted a few minutes, becuase we wanted to get her washed and out of the tub quickly so she wouldn't start to cry!"

"The Bath Luve is a totally genius idea! Not only is it totally adorable (which it IS!), it's also the perfect size to drape over baby's shoulders and cover their neck, chest, tummy and private areas. Her arms and legs can still move freely, and it's so soft and keeps her SO warm!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frog makes a new friend: another blog review

Thanks to Heather, who blogs at mommylovesit.com, for this great review of the Bath Luve. She tried out the Bath Luve frog with her infant daughter and got great results.

"When wearing a Bath Luve, my daughter's arms and legs were still able to move about freely. We simply placed it in warm water, then draped it over our little cupcake. Bath time now lasts longer and is more fun for all when our daughter is happy and comfortable! I love that the product can also be used on older babies, like a cape, keeping the shoulders warm. The premium cotton is super soft and gentle on her skin, and I really think the Bath Luve makes her feel more secure in the tub!"

Check out Heather's blog where she hosts lots of fun giveaways for kids of all ages.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pregnancy Magazine: Bath Luve is a Must Have

I have exciting news - Bath Luve was featured in the May issue of Pregnancy magazine. The article lists Must-Haves by celebrity designer Kenneth Brown, known for HGTV's reDesign. The items included are all touted as making bath time fun instead of frustrating. Bath Luve certainly fits the bill! Being a mother inventor, to get a mention in Pregnancy magazine is a great honor. Reaching parents and babies before the first bath is my goal!

Bath Luve Frog to the Rescue

A big Bath Luve thank you to Jackie, who blogs at http://www.monkey-mayhem.net/, for her great review of the Bath Luve. Here are some notable quotes:

"When I gave Jaxon his first bath when he was a week old, he screamed his little head off, he was cold and I tried my hardest to keep him as warm as possible. I then found Bath Luve!"

"As you can see in this picture, Jaxon isn't screaming at all! I soaked the Bath Luve in warm water and covered him with it and he was happy as could be! Bath Luve is still a bit big on him, but he's slowly growing into it. If I felt it was cooling down, I just poured a little more warm water over it. I was sooooo happy that he was happy with a bath!"

Thanks Jackie & Jaxon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growing into his Bath Luve and Bigger than his Buddy

An update on Kael, our family friends' little baby: he's doing great and is now 52 days old, after being born early. He's still in the NICU at the hospital but is growing stronger and bigger every day. His mom says he's filling out his Bath Luve and now weighs 4 lbs. 10 oz.
We're so happy to report his progress and to hear from his parents on how the Bath Luve has helped him stay warm during baths at the hospital. As you can see he's finally grown bigger than the Bath Luve Buddy! I love the photo of him holding on to his Bath Luve too!

Another Happy Customer

Madeline is a lucky girl - she has the full range of Bath Luve products - the frog, fish and duck! Here she is modeling the duck and showing much fun bath time can be. Photo courtesy of her proud dad, Jim.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daddy gives Bath Luve a thumbs up on Mommy Blog Review

Jenn, who blogs at http://www.mommadanddaboyz.com/, wrote a great review about the Bath Luve. Her husband is the main kid bather in the family and gave the Bath Luve a big thumbs up.

Jenn wrote: "Daddy D's really liked how well it stayed on him in either position we used it. As he is the connnoisseur of bathing products, I asked him, and he highly recommends it."

Son Eli used the Bath Luve as a cover during his own bath and then as a cape while playing in the bath with his brother Nathan. "The Bath Luve kept him warm and playing with his boats with his brother for quite awhile," she wrote.

Also, as an experienced boy mom, Jenn had another perspective -- "And as boys come with their own unique 'plumbing,' I have learned over the years that often a bath for a son comes with a shower all its own. The Bath Luve covers that private area so I no longer have to worry about getting sprinkled."

Jenn is offering a giveaway of a Fish Bath Luve, so visit her blog at http://www.mommadanddaboyz/ to register before July 10.

A blogger's Bath Luve Top 5

Thanks to Heather Thompson for her great review of the Bath Luve. She even listed her top 5 reasons to love the Luve!

"What I liked about Bath Luve:
1. Such a unique & fun idea!
2. Super soft & cuddly.
3. 3 different ones to choose from, a frog, duck, & a fish.
4. Would make a great gift.
5. A Mom-owned company.

What I didn't like about the Bath Luve:
1. Nothing!"

Heather's blog is at www.thegiftcloset.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bath Luve helps out at the NICU

Our friends Beka and Derek were blessed, a little early, with baby Kael. He's currently still in the NICU, where he's been cared for since being born at 26 weeks and 2 lbs, 4 oz. Although he's in the hospital, he's already enjoyed his first Bath Luve bathing experience. "It will be fun to watch Kael grow into his Luve," wrote Beka in an e-mail with his adorable photos. Kael is now 32 weeks old and weighs 3 lbs, 7.1 oz. We're so proud of his progress!

It's so difficult for families to have their littlest ones in the hospital, and I know Beka, Derek and big brother Logan are anxious to have Kael at home with them. I'm already working on developing a preemie-size Bath Luve for our tiniest bathers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MommyEnterprises.com review

Thanks to Stefani for a great review on her blog. She said her older baby loved it, wearing it like a cape in the bath. Also, she wrote: "Now if I only had one of these twelve years ago when I had my first daughter."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect pairings for your Bath Luve

Special giveaway for Bath Luve towel orders.
The Bath Luve towels help keep baby warm and cozy once they leave the water and their Bath Luve. If you order a Bath Luve towel before June 1, I'll send you a matching washcloth for free. Visit my store at http://www.bathluve.com/. While supplies last!

Towels and washcloths come in white supersoft terry with green, pink or blue gingham trim. Towels are 30"x30"; washcloths are 10"x10" - all are 100 percent cotton. A cute coordinating hanger is also included with each towel.

Don't forget -- the Bath Luve Buddy is now available. Simply squeeze bath water over the Bath Luve to renew the warmth. Also great for washing baby or for a bath toy as baby grows.

Another Bath Luve review!

Thanks to Jennifer at jleighdesignz.blogspot.com for an awesome review of Bath Luve. She's also offering a giveaway for a Bath Luve which closes on June 8 - visit her blog to check it out. I loved that Jennifer mentioned our new shipping costs (we now have flat fee shipping for orders less than $50), and she also talked about Bath Luve's affordability, stating "with a price like that, you can afford to get all three." Having more than one Bath Luve is a definite advantage because when one's in the wash, another is always handy!

Thanks Jennifer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm an Auntie again!

Cooper is the latest addition to our growing extended family. I'm thrilled he loves his Bath Luve & his auntie too. Here are some great pictures of my adorable nephew!

Bloggers that love the Bath Luve!

It's been a great week for Bath Luve reviews -- thanks to all the bloggers for their great comments and photos. Here's a few excerpts and some adorable photos of happy babies enjoying their baths with their Bath Luves.

Sarah, thriftyminnesotamama.blogspot.com, wrote "As a Registered Nurse who worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit I have to say this would be a must have for parents of preemies. Premature infants typically have a difficult time maintaining their temperature and this can make bath time a very miserable experience. By using the Bath Luve you are helping create a more 'womb like' experience for your baby, thus making bath time enjoyable."

Jessica, macmomof3.blogspot.com, wrote "I really wish I knew about this product so much sooner. It would have made those first time baths a little easier." (Just a note -- Bath Luve makes a perfect baby shower gift so first time baths can be soothing and less stressful for everyone!) Camilo's photos are featured on the right wearing the duck Bath Luve.

Lynette, mymomsview.com, wrote (after using the Bath Luve for 8-month-old Genevieve) "I would love it if Bath Luve made these for adults, maybe not in the same patterns, but something to keep me covered and warm."

Joelle, acesmommy.blogspot.com, wrote "Aiden and I have never really had a struggle in the bath department. For the most part he has always been relatively content, but always cold at some point. I felt bad for the little guy because he was so tough and didn't know any better that being cold wasn't an acceptable fun bathtime experience. As he's aged he's started to show a more opinionated reaction to the chill that befalls him every bath time. I was delighted that such a product as Bath Luve existed because what a perfect and fun for Aiden to be able to stay warm." (Aiden's photos are on the left with (and without) the Fish Bath Luve. I love the first one without the Bath Luve -- it really tells the story of "before" Bath Luve bathing.)
Make sure to visit these great mombloggers & enjoy every single bathtime!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bath Luve poem

I was thinking the other day about how much babies love poems, and I came up with one of my own about the Bath
Luve! We're exploring putting it on new products as a cute way to add the meaning of the Bath Luve to our product while explaining to parents how to use it, too.

Let me know what you think!

I Luv my Bath Luve

I love my little Bath Luve

It keeps me warm, you'll see

You put it in my warm bath water

Then drape it over me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New from Bath Luve!

New products are here! Now, you can get a Bath Luve towel and washcloth as well as a Bath Luve Buddy to be used with the Bath Luve.Reviews of the towels and washcloths have been great! One mom said they were the softest she's found.

Babies using the Bath Luve are bound to want longer baths, and the Bath Luve Buddy provides the perfect companion to make that happen. The Bath Luve Buddy comes in coordinating characters and is completely washable. Parents use the Bath Luve Buddy to squeeze warm water on the Bath Luve to continue to preserve the warmth -- and it's also great for washing baby's little crevices. As baby grows older, the frog, fish or duck are perfect for bath time toys.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrity from the Archives!

Kevin Costner (yes, the Kevin Costner) visited Milwaukee several months ago, and I had the opportunity to meet him in person. Since I knew he and his wife were expecting, of course I had to send him home with a Bath Luve! I hope their little boy enjoyed his warm, cozy baths. Congratulations Kevin & Christine!

Bath Luve great for preemies and older babies too!

Thanks to Shannon for a great review on her blog, shannonblogshere. Here's a little bit of what Shannon had to say, along with a photo of her adorable son, Tristan.

"No more chilly baths is right! None here when it comes to my almost 2 year old son Tristan taking a bath. This product was great for my son even though he isn't an infant, he is still very small because he was a preemie. This Bath Luve will serve a great purpose when Tristan has a cold and needs a hot bath, we can still lay the Bath Luve on his chest or back. I love the fact that this product is great for other preemies, like my son Tristan. I think all NICU's should have Bath Luve's for when they give those tiny babies a bath, no cold baby is a happy baby!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy as a Fish in Water!

I received an e-mail I had to share -- from mother of three, Brooke, about the Bath Luve.

"First off, I love your product!!!!! It's my new "signature" baby gift for people...I received one in December for my newborn and he can't take a bath without it! Thanks so much!"

As you can see in the photo of Brooke's little boy Sage, he's all smiles at bathtime with his faithful bathtime companion, the Fish Bath Luve ( and a few dinosaurs too!).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A very special Bath Luve shower gift

I was so moved to get a letter about little Jonathan, a very special little boy who received a Bath Luve with an online baby shower sponsored by Candice Broom at www.mommosttraveled.com. Jonathan's dad sent me a note, excerpted below, to tell the story about how Jonathan came to be a part of their family via adoption. Bath Luve is happy to be just a small part of Jonathan's wonderful story.

Jonny's birth mother was young and not able to care for him, so before he was born, his parents agreed to adopt him. They live overseas and had to work very hard to complete the paperwork in preparation.

About one month before Jonathan's due date, everything was finalized. He was delivered via C-section and then the family found out from a nurse there was "a little problem." They found out it was boy and he was missing half of his arm but was otherwise healthy.

"Our hearts dropped at the unexpected news, we mumbled that we needed to go outside and rushed out into the night. Crying, we held each other and talked about what we were going to do, even though we both already knew the answer. We called our country director and his wife and they came down the hospital to be with us. In those moments we saw all the pain that this poor child was going to experience because of his disability, and all the pain that would fall on us because we loved him. It was overwhelming. But we knew that he was here on this earth, and though we could make him disappear from our lives, he wasn’t going to disappear. We went back upstairs and held our little boy for the first time, and completely fell in love. "

"But we both know that we would do it all again in a heartbeat for our little boy. At first I thought he was a very lucky child, but every day that I spend with him, I realize more and more that I am the lucky one, not him."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Blogger Review from the Past

Lori at the "Teacher turned Mommy" blog did a great review of the Bath Luve back in August:
"Colby hated having a bath... actually Colby hated anything that had to do with having no clothes on (still not crazy about the naked thing). So my Mom bought him a Bath Luve. It is made out of towel material. You just warm it up in the bath water and put it on the baby. It covers him from his shoulders to his private parts, so his core stays warm. He is now a lot happier taking a bath.I would totally get this for someone who was having a baby shower!"

Review from Mama's Money Saver Blog

Cherise at Mama's Money Saver Blog had great things to say about Bath Luve. Here's an excerpt:
"The first bath we used it on Gavin with, he smiled. He definitely knew something was different and he didn’t cry because he was cold. Now as I said Gavin is 8 months, but for a newborn baby this is a must have. I remember him crying and shivering and barely washed him because I wanted to bundle him back in a towel and hold him. As the first mom in my group to have kids, I can’t wait to get all of our friends Bath Luve’s when they start having babies."

Thanks Cherise for a great review! You can check out her blog at mamasmoneysavers.com.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Owen in the bath

My sister-in-law, Allison, said the Bath Luve has really helped my nephew, Owen, enjoy his bath time, especially when he was so small and easily startled. He used it from day one when he had his very first bath at home. It's been a blessing for me to be able to make a contribution to helping him enjoy baths and introduce him to the fun of bath time. He's a little bigger now, as you can see, but he still loves his Bath Luve! Owen, we're so proud of you, and it's so exciting to see you growing, healthy and strong! Love you, Auntie May May

Welcome to the new Bath Luve blog

I've been so excited these last few months to network with other bloggers throughout the blogosphere. So...I've decided to start a Bath Luve blog to be able to share news about my journey as an entreprenuer as well as updates about Bath Luve. I'm also looking forward to trading links with all those great mom blogs as well as offering information on helping baby's bath time be a fabulous bonding time for moms, dads and their little ones.