Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frog makes a new friend: another blog review

Thanks to Heather, who blogs at mommylovesit.com, for this great review of the Bath Luve. She tried out the Bath Luve frog with her infant daughter and got great results.

"When wearing a Bath Luve, my daughter's arms and legs were still able to move about freely. We simply placed it in warm water, then draped it over our little cupcake. Bath time now lasts longer and is more fun for all when our daughter is happy and comfortable! I love that the product can also be used on older babies, like a cape, keeping the shoulders warm. The premium cotton is super soft and gentle on her skin, and I really think the Bath Luve makes her feel more secure in the tub!"

Check out Heather's blog where she hosts lots of fun giveaways for kids of all ages.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pregnancy Magazine: Bath Luve is a Must Have

I have exciting news - Bath Luve was featured in the May issue of Pregnancy magazine. The article lists Must-Haves by celebrity designer Kenneth Brown, known for HGTV's reDesign. The items included are all touted as making bath time fun instead of frustrating. Bath Luve certainly fits the bill! Being a mother inventor, to get a mention in Pregnancy magazine is a great honor. Reaching parents and babies before the first bath is my goal!

Bath Luve Frog to the Rescue

A big Bath Luve thank you to Jackie, who blogs at http://www.monkey-mayhem.net/, for her great review of the Bath Luve. Here are some notable quotes:

"When I gave Jaxon his first bath when he was a week old, he screamed his little head off, he was cold and I tried my hardest to keep him as warm as possible. I then found Bath Luve!"

"As you can see in this picture, Jaxon isn't screaming at all! I soaked the Bath Luve in warm water and covered him with it and he was happy as could be! Bath Luve is still a bit big on him, but he's slowly growing into it. If I felt it was cooling down, I just poured a little more warm water over it. I was sooooo happy that he was happy with a bath!"

Thanks Jackie & Jaxon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growing into his Bath Luve and Bigger than his Buddy

An update on Kael, our family friends' little baby: he's doing great and is now 52 days old, after being born early. He's still in the NICU at the hospital but is growing stronger and bigger every day. His mom says he's filling out his Bath Luve and now weighs 4 lbs. 10 oz.
We're so happy to report his progress and to hear from his parents on how the Bath Luve has helped him stay warm during baths at the hospital. As you can see he's finally grown bigger than the Bath Luve Buddy! I love the photo of him holding on to his Bath Luve too!

Another Happy Customer

Madeline is a lucky girl - she has the full range of Bath Luve products - the frog, fish and duck! Here she is modeling the duck and showing much fun bath time can be. Photo courtesy of her proud dad, Jim.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daddy gives Bath Luve a thumbs up on Mommy Blog Review

Jenn, who blogs at http://www.mommadanddaboyz.com/, wrote a great review about the Bath Luve. Her husband is the main kid bather in the family and gave the Bath Luve a big thumbs up.

Jenn wrote: "Daddy D's really liked how well it stayed on him in either position we used it. As he is the connnoisseur of bathing products, I asked him, and he highly recommends it."

Son Eli used the Bath Luve as a cover during his own bath and then as a cape while playing in the bath with his brother Nathan. "The Bath Luve kept him warm and playing with his boats with his brother for quite awhile," she wrote.

Also, as an experienced boy mom, Jenn had another perspective -- "And as boys come with their own unique 'plumbing,' I have learned over the years that often a bath for a son comes with a shower all its own. The Bath Luve covers that private area so I no longer have to worry about getting sprinkled."

Jenn is offering a giveaway of a Fish Bath Luve, so visit her blog at http://www.mommadanddaboyz/ to register before July 10.

A blogger's Bath Luve Top 5

Thanks to Heather Thompson for her great review of the Bath Luve. She even listed her top 5 reasons to love the Luve!

"What I liked about Bath Luve:
1. Such a unique & fun idea!
2. Super soft & cuddly.
3. 3 different ones to choose from, a frog, duck, & a fish.
4. Would make a great gift.
5. A Mom-owned company.

What I didn't like about the Bath Luve:
1. Nothing!"

Heather's blog is at www.thegiftcloset.blogspot.com