Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another blog review!

Thanks to Hailey at http://www.cutelikemegiveaways.blogspot.com/ for her great review of the Bath Luve who asked her sister-in-law to do a hands-on test of the Bath Luve's results.

"I was able to pass it along to my sister in law for review to use on her most recent addition (ah sweet baby Zachary) - and she LOVES it (and I love that because it's my sister in law using it - I'll get it back! lol). Not only did she agree that it was completely adorable, but she was THRILLED with how well it kept Zach warm during his bath. Still able to play and splash around, without the shivering and crying from being so cold. Perfect!"

Visit the blog to register for a Bath Luve giveaway as well!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the Newest Bath Luve - Pink Fish!

We've been working on adding a pink Bath Luve for quite some time, and finally she's here! I have my first supply in stock for orders and am working on getting the Bath Luve Pink Fish added to the web store. A special for my blog and twitter followers -- order a Bath Luve Blue Fish online and add the word "pink" in the memo, and I'll send you the Pink Fish!

Here's an adorable picture of little Margaux with her new Bath Luve! She's all smiles, as you can see, and happy in her bath. Her big sister is featured in many Bath Luve photos, and Margaux is following in big sister's footsteps! Thanks to the Brown family for send this photo of Margaux -- pretty in pink!

Babies R Us also already has the Bath Luve Pink Fish in stock.

Don't forget the Bath Luve Buddy for the Pink Fish too!

What Bath Luve characters and colors would you like to see!! Let me know!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bath Luve is a Hit in Hawaii

Kailani, a blogger from Hawaii, just posted a great review about Bath Luve at her blog at islandlife808.com. Kailani writes about the concerns many parents have about bathing baby:

"For me, giving baby a bath has always been a stressful time for me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m always worried that she’s too cold, too hot, too slippery, too uncomfortable. I guess I can’t blame a baby for not wanting to leave their warm swaddle and be suddenly sitting in water. So I’m always looking for a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for everyone. Introducing Bath Luve."

She had a great experience using Bath Luve and is also doing a giveaway through Sept. 15. Her review got me thinking about another Hawaiian baby I received pictures of about a year ago - a 9-month-old cutie enjoying the Bath Luve and Bath Luve Buddy.
With all of this great feedback, don't you think I should take a trip to the islands myself????

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doubter Becomes a Believer!

A blogger and blog-follower in Seattle, Carrie, posted a great review recently - especially fun because she didn't initially see the benefit to the Bath Luve. With the help of her cute daughter Vivian, she's now a believer! Check out Carrie's blog too at growingababyinseattlereviews.blogspot.com.

"I have seen the Bath Luve advertised on a number of blog giveaways, but always thought it was a silly, unnecessary baby item. And then I won one over at this blog (veaterfam.blogspot.com). Tonight I finally put the product to the test, during Vivian's first real bath! We've been doing a sort of modified sponge bath/dunking in a small tub for her, since we didn't buy an infant bathtub. Today I decided to put my newly purchased toddler tub and Bath Luve to the test.I got the bathtub full of warm water and wetted the Bath Luve and then put Vivian in the tub... and it was instant happiness. SERIOUS happiness. She actually laughed for the first time!!! I tried to tape her laughing, but she tends to stare at the video camera instead of behaving, so it didn't work. But I did get some photos of her happiness."

"I think this is a great product- babies love being warm and in the water, and this helps them enjoy their time in the bath even more. The bath luve comes in a cute frog, duck or fish design. Go check out their site! "

First laughter & Bath Luve - what could be better!