Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hooray for pink!

MaryEllen, who blogs at, is one of first bloggers to review the Pink Fish Bath Luve. She's actually using it to bathe her daughter on the counter because the sweet little girl is still so tiny. Here's what MaryEllen had to say:

"Once I was able to use the Bath Luve on her, she was much calmer during her bath because she was actually able to stay warm! The Bath Luve is made from light-weight terrycloth so that you can wet it with warm water and then cover your baby with it to keep her warm without it being too heavy. Although the Bath Luve was intended to be used when the baby is actually in the water, it actually served its purpose just as much (if not more) when my daughter was out of the water since she was still cold. The shape of the Bath Luve is perfect since it keeps the baby's entire core covered, yet is easy to lift up when you need to wash her."

Thanks Mary Ellen! Hope you and your little girl have many fun bath times with the Bath Luve!