Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bath Luve great for preemies and older babies too!

Thanks to Shannon for a great review on her blog, shannonblogshere. Here's a little bit of what Shannon had to say, along with a photo of her adorable son, Tristan.

"No more chilly baths is right! None here when it comes to my almost 2 year old son Tristan taking a bath. This product was great for my son even though he isn't an infant, he is still very small because he was a preemie. This Bath Luve will serve a great purpose when Tristan has a cold and needs a hot bath, we can still lay the Bath Luve on his chest or back. I love the fact that this product is great for other preemies, like my son Tristan. I think all NICU's should have Bath Luve's for when they give those tiny babies a bath, no cold baby is a happy baby!"

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