Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Blog Review!

A big thank you to Carrie, who blogs at for her review of the Bath Luve. She wrote, after using the Bath Luve for her daughter:

"Amy from Bath Luve was generous enough to send me the Duck Bath Luve and coordinating Bath Buddy for Wiggle Bean to try out. Being that the Bath Luve was originally designed for babies, I thought that it might be a little small for Wiggle Bean since she is 9 months old. This was not a
problem at all, the Duck Luve is a generous 14"x10". Bean is more active in the bath now and does not lay down to where we could cover her chest with the Bath Luve. I could barely get her to sit still enough to take a picture of her in the Luve. Wiggle Bean liked wearing her Luve as cape. This worked well to keep her back warm while she was playing in the tub and she loved playing with the Bath Buddy."

Visit Carrie's blog to enter to win a Bath Luve and Bath Luve Buddy!

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  1. wow these bath luve buddy are so cute i have a six month old and it would be nice to get one of these for him he still gets cold in the bath thank you very much i really do enjoy your blog