Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Bathing Beauty!

Thank you to Laura who blogs at newagemama.blogspot.com for her great review of the Bath Luve. Her daughter, Willow, got to try it out & both mom and baby enjoyed the experience!

"We received the Fishy Bath Luve, which is only one of several cute designs available. They are simple and fun to use. You just soak it in warm water and lay it across the baby's torso. Then you can wash their hair and get them clean with out them getting cold. Willow loved hers and really seemed to enjoy her bath for the first time since she came home from the hospital. Before Bath Luve, bath time was a time for constant crying and hysterics. Now she sits there calmly and even smiles sometimes. I can't imagine bath time with out it now that I have tried out the Bath Luve."

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