Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frog makes a new friend: another blog review

Thanks to Heather, who blogs at mommylovesit.com, for this great review of the Bath Luve. She tried out the Bath Luve frog with her infant daughter and got great results.

"When wearing a Bath Luve, my daughter's arms and legs were still able to move about freely. We simply placed it in warm water, then draped it over our little cupcake. Bath time now lasts longer and is more fun for all when our daughter is happy and comfortable! I love that the product can also be used on older babies, like a cape, keeping the shoulders warm. The premium cotton is super soft and gentle on her skin, and I really think the Bath Luve makes her feel more secure in the tub!"

Check out Heather's blog where she hosts lots of fun giveaways for kids of all ages.

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