Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daddy gives Bath Luve a thumbs up on Mommy Blog Review

Jenn, who blogs at http://www.mommadanddaboyz.com/, wrote a great review about the Bath Luve. Her husband is the main kid bather in the family and gave the Bath Luve a big thumbs up.

Jenn wrote: "Daddy D's really liked how well it stayed on him in either position we used it. As he is the connnoisseur of bathing products, I asked him, and he highly recommends it."

Son Eli used the Bath Luve as a cover during his own bath and then as a cape while playing in the bath with his brother Nathan. "The Bath Luve kept him warm and playing with his boats with his brother for quite awhile," she wrote.

Also, as an experienced boy mom, Jenn had another perspective -- "And as boys come with their own unique 'plumbing,' I have learned over the years that often a bath for a son comes with a shower all its own. The Bath Luve covers that private area so I no longer have to worry about getting sprinkled."

Jenn is offering a giveaway of a Fish Bath Luve, so visit her blog at http://www.mommadanddaboyz/ to register before July 10.


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  2. What a cute duckie version. Looks like your little one is totally loving it too!

  3. Thks is a great idea! My daughter loves the tub but often gets a but chilly so we have to cut bathtime short - this should let us stay around a little longer!

  4. These are great products-And its always great to find things to help get the daddies involved

  5. Cool, I didn't realize the many benefits of this product! Awesome.

  6. Aww, there are so many cute pics on this blog! This product is great, one of those "why didn't I think of that?" products!