Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the Newest Bath Luve - Pink Fish!

We've been working on adding a pink Bath Luve for quite some time, and finally she's here! I have my first supply in stock for orders and am working on getting the Bath Luve Pink Fish added to the web store. A special for my blog and twitter followers -- order a Bath Luve Blue Fish online and add the word "pink" in the memo, and I'll send you the Pink Fish!

Here's an adorable picture of little Margaux with her new Bath Luve! She's all smiles, as you can see, and happy in her bath. Her big sister is featured in many Bath Luve photos, and Margaux is following in big sister's footsteps! Thanks to the Brown family for send this photo of Margaux -- pretty in pink!

Babies R Us also already has the Bath Luve Pink Fish in stock.

Don't forget the Bath Luve Buddy for the Pink Fish too!

What Bath Luve characters and colors would you like to see!! Let me know!


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  2. A ladybug would be cute! And girlier than a fish or frog.

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