Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No more chills in Minnesota!

If a picture says a thousand words, these are priceless. Sarah, who blogs at http://www.minnesotamamasmusthaves.com/ posted these precious photos of her newborn, Aiden, both before and after the Bath Luve. Sarah wrote, "So Mr. Aiden wasn't a big fan of his first bath...but luckily we are the proud owners of a Bath Luve."


  1. I have ordered one for a girl friend of mine who is due any day now. I am sure her little girl is going to love the frog we got for her. :) And you better believe I am going to get one for our next child. Pictures really do say it all.

  2. This is my most favorite little baby item. I received one for a gift when my son was born and I just love it. I include a "luve" in every shower gift I give. And, the moms I give them to just rave about them. What a great concept :)