Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Staying Dry During Bath Time

Rita from Rita Reviews blog is a fan of no longer getting wet during bath time.
"How many times do you give your baby a bath only to have the poor thing shivering by the time you get them out? Enter The Bath Luve!The Bath Luve was created by Amy Seckinger after her stressing experiences at bath time with her own son.  It can be stressing for mom and baby both.  The purpose of the Luve is to keep chills to a minimum so baby isn’t sitting there in the tub shivering.
Photo by Rita Reviews
I was sent a Duck Bath Luve to for our use and review.  It’s really cute and made of a terrycloth type material.  Using the Bath Luve is really simple. You run warm water over the Luve and just lay it over your little one with the feet of the duck over the shoulders.  It covers baby’s chest and belly and goes down just a little further than his belly.  Which, by the way is great for boys because it helps prevent the inevitable action that happens when the air hits certain parts of their little bodies.This is a perfect baby shower gift and would work wonderfully for newborns. We used it with my nephew who is at that stage where he has to sit up in the tub and he hates the baby tub! However as you can see the Bath Luve still works really well and to be honest with you this was the first time I have ever given him a bath that I didn’t end up with one as well (the air and body part thing!) I am the only person he does that to for some reason. He does it and then dies laughing."


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