Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogger officially has a new favorite bath product!

A big Bath Luve thank you to Ashley for her great review at She's giving away a free Bath Luve too, so visit her blog to register! Here are some of the highlights of her review:

"Everyone hates it when small babies get cold in the bathtub. They don't feel warm or comforted or secure, and they usually start screaming! That happened the first couple of times we bathed Natalie. We started draping wet washcloths over her chest and tummy, which did help, but they didn't provide enough coverage and she usually still got cold. Bath's only lasted a few minutes, becuase we wanted to get her washed and out of the tub quickly so she wouldn't start to cry!"

"The Bath Luve is a totally genius idea! Not only is it totally adorable (which it IS!), it's also the perfect size to drape over baby's shoulders and cover their neck, chest, tummy and private areas. Her arms and legs can still move freely, and it's so soft and keeps her SO warm!

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  1. I won this giveaway from Ashley and love my bath luve! Thanks for a great product!