Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogger Mommy gives Two Thumbs Up

Jennifer, one of the blogger mommies at, gave Bath Luve a try with her little one and had great things to say!

"I absolutely love this product! Before using the 'Bath Luve', I seriously dreaded bath time. I felt like I was getting ready to torture my baby. She would scream, shiver and her little chin would quiver, it was awful. It was always a race to get the bath over with, and that would sometimes mean that she would be left with a soapy residue so I would end up wrapping her in a towel and finishing with a sponge bath."
"But now, "B" loves her bath time. She is more comfortable and no longer cries. Bath time actually lasts way longer now because she stays warm. I really like how the 'Bath Luve' leaves her arms and legs free for splashing and playing, which is a pleasant change from before. You can see from this picture how happy she is in her bath."

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