Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A word from our "spokesmodel"

"Our family loves, loves, loves the 'Bath Luve!' We received ours as a gift from Amy after our first daughter Marin was used as a model for the 'Bath Luve.' Although she was out of the teeny newborn stage, it was still a necessity for her during bath time. Not only would we place it over her belly but she also enjoyed having it draped it over her shoulders & back. It was a great way to keep her warm & entertained. She often played with the 'Luve’ using it as a bath toy."

"Once our second daughter Margaux arrived, I couldn't wait to introduce her to the 'Luve.' Just as expected, it made her bath experience more enjoyable & comfortable. Bath time quickly became her favorite time of the day. She kicks & smiles like crazy when she hears the word & I attribute that to the 'Bath Luve.' The best part is she can now stay in the tub longer & have more play time with her big sister because she has the 'Bath Luve' to keep her warm!" - Sara (mother of Marin and Margaux).

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