Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Size

Melissa from had this to say about the Bath Luve:
"My older kids all LOVE to take baths. They love to fill the bathtub with lots of toys and can spend so much time playing in the water. I am so grateful for this because it really makes getting them clean easier when they enjoy doing it.
When they were all babies, it was a different story. It seems like with every one of my kids, when they were babies, giving them baths was such a miserable experience that they would cry through. We would try to put the baby wash cloths on them to keep them warmer, but baby wash clothes are way too small that they don't do much!
I was very excited when I found out about bath luve animals. They are the perfect size to keep baby warm during the bath and the different animals are so adorable! I love their motto of "No more chills, no more tears. Designed by a mother who knows how stressful bath time can me, Bath Luve makes an enjoyable experience for both you and baby!"

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