Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No More Baby Goose Bumps!

Gina Maddox at www.cravetosave.com was thrilled to find how the Bath Luve kept her baby Angelo warm. Read her review below:
Have you ever had your little one wrapped up, all warm and cuddly, in a blanket, swaddler, or sweater, only to realize that they reeeeeeaaaally need a bath? The thing I dread about bath-time is not giving the actual bath; most of the time it is fun to see how my son loves to splash his little arms and legs in the tub, and see him get all wet and squirmy. :) What I dread about bath-time is that I know my son is going to be freezing while he is sitting in the tub. Babies, after all, sit in very shallow water to bathe, so their upper bodies are damp and exposed. I feel so bad if he gets goosebumps and is cold while he is having so much fun in the water! This is most difficult in the winter, but my poor little guy still gets chilly even though the temperatures are warming up.
For this reason, Amy Seckinger, creator of Bathe Luve, came up with this incredibly smart idea. Why not keep baby’s exposed skin nice and warm so there isn’t such a drastic temperature change between before bath-time and during?! The shape of the Bath Luve product contours naturally over your child. Just submerge in water first, and lay gently over their torso. Your baby will feel warmer and more secure with this product, I promise! My son is now able to stay in the tub a little longer to play, he loves the water, after all, and I can feel better knowing that he is not too cold. We were sent the adorable frog for review, and it works like a charm.

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