Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Grows With Bath Luve

Robyn Ford of says her daughter loves her new Bath Luve and thinks a basket of Bath Luve items is the perfect gift!
"I used the Bath Luve on my 9-month-old daughter and it worked like a charm. She is not a fan of bath time and to be honest I am not either but now it’s so nice…she stays warm and cozy and I get to enjoy giving her a bath. She loves the colors, we have the fish and she loves to play with the fin of the fish (she’s really into textures and I think the soft terry cloth is a big hit). The great thing about this is once your child gets older, you can use it as a washcloth so its very versatile (I love dual purpose items).
If you know someone having a baby, this is a must item and what a nice gift. I am all about themed gifts especially for baby showers, you can get a Bath Luve, Bath Luve buddy, Towel and Washcloth set put it in a basket and you have a wonderful gift that will be cherished and used for years to come!"

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