Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Even Though It's Summer, Babies Still Get Cold

Corie Howell of Survey Junkie is happy to get rid of her baby washcloths in exchange for a Bath Luve.

"Baby bathes warm and secure. No more chills, no more tears. Designed by a mother who knows how stressful bath time can be, Bath Luvé makes an enjoyable experience for both you and baby!

Created by a mom for moms everywhere, the Bath Luve torso towel is a uniquely designed cloth that provides your baby with warm comfort during bath time. Submerge the Bath Luve in warm water and drape over your baby. The Bath Luve’s natural design completely covers your baby’s torso and stays put to keep him or her feeling warm and secure. The premium soft touch fabrics snuggle your baby and are so gentle on a newborn’s skin. This set is the perfect shower gift for new parents.

One of the things that I was briefed on before leaving the hospital with my daughter when she was born was bath time safety. I was told that since babies can’t regulate their temperature that a warm washcloth is supposed to be kept over their bodies during baths. Sounded easy enough and I knew that I had been given washcloths at my baby shower, so I just checked that box off of the things I had to worry about. When we got home and were ready to give my daughter her first bath, I was stunned by just how small the washcloths were! They didn’t cover her body and I was scrambling to find more and keep them all on her body. It was totally stressful for me, and I felt horrible for the baby because I knew those small, thin cloths couldn’t have kept her warm.

Amy Seckinger must have run into my same problem, because she created Bath Luve, a larger and improved version of the washcloth. The Bath Luve not only goes over the baby’s body, but also over their shoulders and tops of the legs. I was able to try one out and I love it. The cloth is in the shape of an animal, which engages and entertains the baby, and it’s nice and thick so it retains it’s warmth for much longer than other washcloths I’ve tried. My daughter is no longer a newborn, but I still use it in the “big girl bath” to drape over her shoulders and down her back. The Bath Luve is such a great idea and really helped turn bath time from a stress to a time to really enjoy and bond with Baby."

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