Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bath Luves For All!

Jessica Allen of "And Then There Were 4" blog plans to have one of each kind of Bath Luve just to keep the peace at home. Here's what she had to say in her review:

"Bath time was always a challenge when my boys were younger. They loved it if they were constantly warm but as mothers know, that's pretty much impossible! That is exactly what the Bath Luve was designed to remedy! If you have never heard of the Bath Luve brand, you sure are missing out!
I received a Bath Luve as a gift when Eli was younger and then I passed it along to a friend's baby! We went from screaming at bath time to loving it! It was as fast and easy as getting the Bath Luve!
They are a thick terry plush material that absorbs water quick and holds it for a long time! I only have to dunk it back into the warm water maybe once during a bath. It remains warm for several minutes, making bath times easier on both you and your little one!
A Bath Luve is the perfect gift for a baby of any age, especially a newborn! I didn't think I would still need our first Bath Luve when the boys got bigger so I gave it away. But I am so very excited to have received one of the duck designs for the review! Since we got it in the mail, the boys have been fighting over it in the bath! :)
There are three adorable designs! We've had the fish and now the duck. I think I'm going to have to get the frog so the boys quit fighting over the duck during baths! Aren't they so cute?!
I definitely recommend every parent buy at least one of these! Two would be better so that you always have one clean for bath time. The Bath Luve products would make wonderful baby shower gifts!"

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