Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No More Accidents

Katie Sexton of Mommy Katie blog loves the way the Bath Luve protects from baby boy mistakes.
"Bath time should be a fun time for both babies and parents, but as well all know that is not always the case. When you have a infant, and you are bathing them, you tend to feel horrible bathing them when they are shivering and crying. When your baby isn't enjoying their bath you just want to hurry and get it over with. Then if you have a baby boy, those little guys can get you. I have been sprayed by little man many times when he was a baby. It seems all it takes is a little breeze to make them shoot you with pee. I would just place a wash cloth on him so I would not get sprayed while bathing him. But the thing I still had issues with, was him shivering. So instead of letting him soak I would hurry so I could bundle him up and get him dressed. That is no fun and we all know that little ones love to splash and play in the water. So what can you do about it? You can't make the water too hot because your baby's skin is so sensitive and soft.
Well I have a solution to cold wet baby syndrome! It's called the Bath Luve. This awesome bath time accessory is perfect for bathing babies. You put it on your little one before a bath then you bathe your baby with the Bath Luve on. Not only is this little bath time accessory just so cute, but your little one won't sit in the bath shivering the whole time. Oh and those of you with little boys, no more pee in the face! Just soak the Bath Luve in warm water before the bath and put it on your baby, then you are ready for a less stressful bath time that you and your baby can both enjoy!

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