Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warm Bath Time in Wisconsin

Darcy Zalewski of Tales From the Nursery blog was happy when a fellow Wisconsin mom came up with the Bath Luve.

"Bath time. In the newborn days it was not very fun at all because Rissa would get cold fast. It didn’t matter how warm the water was it cooled off quick and most of her body was exposed to the air. And in Wisconsin, baths and showers aren’t too fun in the winter even if you have the heat on! I’d do my best to splash warm water over her but she didn’t like that much at first either. Now she has fun playing in the tub, but it took a few months before that happened.

A fellow Wisconsin mama developed a solution to the cold, exposed baby in the tub: Bath Luve!

There are 3 cute designs: Fish, Frog, and Duck. We received a pink fish to review. The Bath Luve is easy to use. I ran the bath water, put it in the water to get it wet with the warm water. Then, after getting Rissa down to her birthday suit, I set her in the bath and draped the Bath Luve over her. She kept taking it off to play with it and chew on it. It made for a fun large washcloth for her!

Final thoughts: I think this is a great bath time accessory for newborn babies. Older babies like my daughter don’t lay back far enough anymore to keep the Bath Luve on very well. If it had a back panel, that would be awesome for the sitters! She still had fun playing with it and it helped keep her feeling more cozy in the tub. I think this is a great baby shower gift idea too."

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  1. Awesome to know a mom from WI came up w/this. Very much so needed here in WI!! Funny thing is.. I have always, w/all 3 of my kids soaked an adult/regular wash cloth in the warm bath water and laid it over my babies.