Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Bath Time to Meal Time

Tori Theriot of Learning to be Thrifty found several ways to use the Bath Luve.
"Baby bug is older now and we did not use the Bath Luve in the traditional cover the tiny baby up during bath time way. She enjoyed playing with it in the tub and wore it around as a cape, the little feet are perfect for cape wearing. I love the size of the bath luve. It was perfect for baby bug to play with and covered all of her back up. I can see how it would be a great cover up to keep a young baby comfortable during bath time. Those sweet little ones can get cold so fast this is an easy solution! When baby number two comes around this will be a must have during those first bath times. It is also a great size to hang up on a towel rack between baths to air dry.
One other off the wall use I found for this cute little duck is as a bib!! Pin those feet and create a bib that is perfect for a messy toddler during meal time."

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