Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bath Luve for Baby and Toddler

Tiffany Crooker, owner of Free Samples n' Coupons loves the Bath Luve for baby and toddler. Here's what she had to say:

"Ever wondered why babies hate when they are submerged into bath water and go screaming bloody murder cause its cold and they don’t like it. My boys hated the baths as babies because of the cold water. I always had to use a rag or towel to cover their front end just to keep them happy. Well finally someone over at Bath Luve came up with a brilliant idea! Use one of the 3 over the top decorative animals to cover the front end of your baby. I used it on my son whom still hates water and it worked like a charm. It covers the whole front end top to bottom. It’s quite an awesome idea, plus the colors keep them busy to look at and forget they are even in the water. It also makes for a great rag when they are older. I used it as a rag on my 3 year old with special needs, and he hates baths, I used as a rag to wash and to place on his back and he loved it! Such a great product! I love it. I know your baby will to. Also makes great for a baby shower or someone having a baby sometime soon! The company ships fast and they are very nice to!"

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