Friday, April 1, 2011

Feeling Warm and Secure

Thanks to Teri Hardy at for this great review:

"When Elliot was younger I had a lot of trouble during bath time. He would just scream and cry every time from the very moment he was placed into the tub. We tried everything: temperature monitors, toys and even smells to try and keep him calm. As he has gotten older things have changed and he is more normal during bathtime. One of the things we found that really made a difference was the Bath Luvē.

I found that by covering baby El' with the Bath Luvē, he felt more secure than being completely naked. It also seemed to help keep his top front from becoming chilled while in the tub. We still even at 5 months use the Bath Luvē at every tub time and will continue to do so.

I also am very fond of being able to toss the Bath Luvē in the wash, right along with my towels and wash cloths. It can also go right into the dryer. This has been through the wash many times and still looks almost as new as the day it was opened. See below a first day picture and one from just three days ago. Can you tell the difference? I actually think it looks fuzzier when it was new."

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