Friday, April 1, 2011

Bath Time is the Best

"So My little Reesie Pie used to LOVE Bath-time. When I say LOVE I mean LOVE! He was in fact so enthusiastic about his baths that I literally had to wear my raincoat to bath him...I also had to line a good five foot radius in-front of the sink in towels. Great memories- we have some terrific pictures and videos.

BUT...Matt and I have been doing some remodeling...and when we re-painted the kitchen we had to move Reesie's bath time & tub from the kitchen sink to the big bathtub. This is about the time that the bath dream turned into a bath nightmare for us.

Reese started hating bath time to the point were it literally took both my husband and I to bath him... he fought us so hard. We tried taking snacks in the bath (the kid loves to eat), we tried toys, nothing worked. He wanted out before he was even I when I came across a product called Bath Luve and knew I had to look into it.
I have to first I was skeptical....and I wanted to try it more than once or twice (just in case it was a fluke), but I have to say it works. It actually buys us enough time to bath Reese, even wash his hair. He doesn't even freakout. Now bath time is still not the way it was, but it is so much better.
We love it! The Bath Luve makes life easier, is affordable, and is a cool and unique product....and super cute!"

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