Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Weston Loves Bath Time!

Thanks to Melissa at for her fun review!

When I first saw the Bath Luves, I knew I needed to get one for baby Weston. I hate it when little babies get so upset about baths . . . but they can’t just stink either, so I thought this might be the perfect solution.

Weston is the biggest baby we’ve had and also the stinkiest. I think the one has to do with the other, but whatever the reason, he needs baths more frequently than some babies. He despised the process so much that I resorted to getting into the big bathtub myself and then bathing him in my lap. However, he still fussed when he would get cold. So when the Bath Luve arrived, we thought we would see if it made a difference.
We did not follow the directions but instead laid it across the baby like a blanket, then poured the bath water over the top to keep him warm. (You are supposed to wet it first!) It seemed to work wonders and we refreshed the warm water several times during the process. I love how the little legs cover his shoulders and help the Luve stay in place. And the little face was perfectly positioned so that we could take pictures without flashing his privates everywhere and would have been great when he was a little smaller at keeping him from shooting a stream of urine out all over the room!

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